Scale and Control Inc.
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Scale and Control Inc.
David Smith (President)
15706 Clear Pointe Dr
Cypress, TX  77429
Phone: 713-352-3071
Toll-Free: 888-239-0552
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Company Description:

Scale and Control Inc. is a Houston, Texas based developer and manufacturer of loader scales for skid steers, front end loaders and wheel loaders. With a combined 50+ years of experience in onboard weighing solutions for heavy equipment, we understand the needs of the market and design our products to suit the rugged environment that they will operate within. 

Additional weighing solutions from Scale and Control Inc. include in-ground truck scales, portable truck scales, onboard truck scales, and wheel/axle scales. We also offer crane and lifting products, backup cameras and ruggedized camera systems for increased industrial safety.

We are proud to offer product solutions that are made here in the USA. SCI offers 7 day a week technical support, field installation, and over the phone support for self installations. We also provide custom engineering for a wide range of applications. 

Product Information:
Weighing products from SCI include our WLS555 Loader Scale, supplied with a ruggedized tablet as the display, or use your own WiFi-capable cell phone or tablet. The IP67 rated WLS555 Processor uses its own WiFi connection to communicate with the display. The system comes in a skid steer/1 yd. bucket version and a medium to large wheel loader version. Track over 200 customers, 200 materials and up to 10 attachments. Also log data and view it remotely, and print or create a PDF of the load ticket.

More Info
Products/Services: Back-up Camera Systems
Level Measurement & Control
Loader Scales
On-Board Scales
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