Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC
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Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC
Justin Murray (Director of Corporate Accounts)
717 Constitution Drive, Suite 100
Exton, PA  19341
Phone: 610-240-8686
Fax: 484-244-5062
Toll-Free: 877-438-8627
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Company Description: Your source for leasing and purchasing high quality modular building space delivered with a VIP customer experience. Our objective at Vanguard Modular Building Systems is to get an understanding of the building space you need, and then deliver a building solution you want that is ready for occupancy as quickly as possible. Our modular buildings are particularly advantageous for aggregate, sand, stone, and gravel companies, since they are highly durable and can be constructed quickly and delivered to rural areas where available construction labor is limited. Vanguard Modular's buildings are quick to occupy because they are built off-site while the foundation is being prepared on-site, accelerating the entire construction process by up to 50%. Our innovative office, scale house, operator center, and specialty building solutions are custom designed to simplify the construction process and accelerate your schedule to occupancy. Vanguard Modular Building Systems has been a leading supplier of modular constructed buildings in the Eastern half of the United States for over 20 years. We build for you! Learn more by visiting our website or by calling us. We are ready to help you get the building space you need to operate your business effectively.
Product Information:
Two Story Scale House

More Info
Products/Services: Aggregate/Materials - Temporary Buildings
Heavy Equipment - Temporary Buildings
Metal (Scale Buildings)
Metal Buildings (Operator Centers)
Plants - Temporary Buildings
Vehicles & Transportation - Temporary Buildings
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Add to Outlook Contacts SVP, Marketing Services (610) 232-2932
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