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DSC Dredge LLC
156 Airport Road
Reserve, LA  70084
Phone: 985-479-1355
Fax: 985-479-1367
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DSC Dredge, LLC, advances the engineering, automation, manufacturing and quality of cutter suction and underwater pump mining dredges. Customers who place their trust in DSC experience added benefits that go beyond simply purchasing the right dredge. We forge a long-term relationship through our one-on-one attention, working with the unique application details and applying our engineering expertise. We round out the experience with our ongoing operations training and timely, knowledgeable parts and service support. The hallmarks of our success are our commitment to our Customers, paired with our Designs, Customization, Quality, Value and Resale worth.


Expertise: We specialize in customizing dredging equipment to meet the exact requirements of your unique application. DSC employs the largest dredge design/engineering team among all North American and most global manufacturers. Our roots go back more than 60 years as a family-owned and -operated dredge manufacturer. And during that time, we have built hundreds of dredges. Our seven standard dredge models are world-class, including our newest dredge class the  SHARKUDA®, a wide-format swinging ladder dredge that continually moves forward without anchors. Yet our strength lies in our ability to modify or custom design any dredge to fit almost any application.

DSC contributes to the dredging industry with its focus on education. Dreducation® from DSC Dredge means “dredge education.”  At DSC, Dreducation® describes our commitment to furthering education and training about dredges and dredging for dredge owners, their crews and for the general advancement of the industry.  For information about upcoming industry training opportunities, on-location classes and the next DSC Dreducation® Class, please email

Attention to Detail and Attention to You: We explore all details of your project, such as materials being dredged, length of flow run, depths, discharge point elevation, engine and pump preference and any other relevant information. You may require extreme dredging depths, deeper hulls or increased excavation power. We can make all of that happen and more. We involve you in every aspect of building your dredge—from specification and options to manufacture to delivery, training and maintenance.

Upon delivery, your dredge typically will be assembled by DSC personnel and placed in service only after we run it through intensive testing. We then fully train your operating staff to ensure they understand the unit and its functions, so they can quickly and competently begin dredging your project.

Training: We offer numerous unique and flexible training options for companies that are new DSC dredge owners. We also offer training to any company that seeks to educate its personnel on dredge operation, mine planning, dredge maintenance or maximizing dredging efficiency – even if the company operates other dredge brands.

All new DSC dredge owners have access to a 2-day training course at DSC’s primary U.S. training facility in Reserve, Louisiana, as well as onsite operational training when the dredge is officially launched. The first day of training reviews the fundamentals of dredging, while the second day focuses on the specific operations and maintenance of the new dredge.


Innovative Technology: DSC remains at the forefront of innovative dredge technology including their Dredge Rx system and the newly introduced DSC VISION.  Dredge Rx is a maintenance management solution to help dredge owners and operators monitor and maintain their dredge fleet in real time. This platform also reduces downtime and increases efficiency by allowing remote diagnostics and repairs and current software and firmware updates. DSC VISION is a  highly innovative, user-friendly bottom visualization system that provides dredge operators and managers with “eyes below the water.” This system integrates geographical dredge cutterhead position and heading, multibeam sonar imaging and mapping, dredge navigation and instrumentation, remote connectivity and monitoring, and a user graphical display and software interface that correctly depicts the current dredge location, depth of the cutterhead, and topography of the bottom. This technology leaves little to chance as the operator can see the entire bottom around the dredge and this data is stored into a comprehensive map of the dredging area or mine site for computation, historical documentation and future planning.

Ongoing Customer Support:  Our Product Support team are the people our customers turn to throughout the entire time they own our equipment, to help keep them operating at peak efficiency and minimize downtime. The DSC Product Support department offers dredge repairs and maintenance, training, retrofits, fitness surveys and relocations. We also conduct onsite equipment surveys, with recommendations for equipment upgrades and improvements that will increase production.  DSC offers 24/7 technical support, even on weekends and holidays.  Our 12-month new equipment warranty is the best in the business.

Extended Description:


DSC is a global leader in the dredge manufacturing industry, engineering superior customized dredging solutions to meet specific application needs, while continuing to exceed customer expectations.

Bob Wetta serves as the President and CEO of the corporation and was recently appointed by Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Department of Commerce to serve on the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa. Bill Wetta, P.E., serves as SVP of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer, keeping DSC at the forefront of the latest dredging and engineering trends for the business. Completing the management team are Kevin Dolan as VP and Chief Financial Officer and Christina Bolling as VP and Chief Administrative Officer. As a family-owned business, DSC considers all its team members to be part of the DSC family, and a large portion of the team has been with the company for well over a decade.

DSC’s reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to the customer and a dedication to delivering a superior product and outstanding service after the sale. The entire DSC team focuses on meeting the dredging needs of its many loyal customers, which today span more than all over the world.

For more information about DSC Dredge, please visit or email  All sales inquiries may be directed to Charles Johnson, Director of Domestic Dredge Sales + 1 (985) 479-1355.

Product Information:
DSC’s standard dredge class models - Marlin, Shark and Sharkuda - are ideal for aggregates & mining operations. The Marlin underwater pump mining dredge is designed to reach deep aggregate & mining deposits. The Shark offers the features of a larger dredge in a portable design. The Sharkuda is ideal for aggregate river dredging. Both the Shark and Marlin Class dredges are customizable & available with diesel or electric power. DSC’s Custom dredges are entirely unique from any other dredge lines.

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